Custom Metal Fencing Options

Sheets come in a number of color options, with white on the under/back side.​ Each sheet can be cut to your desired length (36” min), but sheet width cannot be modified. Individual sheet width is 38”, and when two sheets are combined the total width is 74”.

We carry orrugated metal sheets, color matched screws and trims such as fencing caps. Much like any project, there are several different ways to install metal sheets onto your fencing. We recommend discussing with your contractor which application best suits your project. 

<--One sheet width 38"-->

<--Two sheets width 74"-->

Metal Fencing Sheets

​​Planning to build or replace your existing fencing? By incorporating metal sheets into your next fence design you will:

- Save money on materials
- Significantly reduce maintenance
- Reduce your fire risk

At Discount Direct Metals, we manufacture high quality metal sheets covered by a 40-year limited warranty.  We manufacture every sheet in our shop in Knutsford! 

Our metal sheets can be installed horizontally or vertically onto your fencing framework. The sheets may also be installed right over existing fencing if the posts are solid.